M + M

The lovely Melissa & Michael, also known as Millie & Poz, married on 23.06.18. 

Millie and I first met working at Zizzi's where we'd often get told off for chatting too much and turn up hungover from nights out at Enigma (the cheesiest but best nightclub in Market Harborough), struggling through our 8 hour shift, hiding from customers and scoffing Parmesan cheese to get through it (or was that just me?!).

Millie and Poz, childhood sweethearts, are the most perfect couple you'll ever meet, they are literally two peas in a pod and I always knew they would get married. I was so chuffed when they asked me to shoot their wedding. Mine and Millie's family both live in the same village where her and Poz got married in the local church, followed by the reception in a beautiful marquee in Leicestershire. It was a bit surreal knowing that Ed and I would be getting married in the same church a few months later,

so it was a real taster of what it was going to be like for us. It did not disappoint and the ceremony was so special, I loved seeing my friends finally say 'I doooo'!

The day seemed to go so fast for me and within no time, it was already the evening. Normally dance floors take a while to warm up but not with Poz about! Oh no! You can see what I mean when you scroll down to the bottom of the gallery! 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Poz! 

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