I do love a London wedding. They just seem so intimate and fun. There is also the added bonus of not being too far from home, which means I can have a sneak peak at the photos over a well deserved red wine (or two!). It was lovely to see familiar faces again, having shot                                   wedding earlier in the year which Lisa was a bridesmaid at.  


Lisa wore an Alice Temperley jumpsuit which she totally rocked and looked super cool. Ste changed into some bright red tartan trousers half way through the day, which as you can see below, he stands up proud in and flashes to everyone during the speeches.


After the ceremony at Islington Town Hall, we headed to a pub around the corner called the 'Hunter S' which was full of character, and umm quite a few pictures of naked men in the toilets!! The pub was packed and towards the end of the night, everyone piled onto the dance floor which I loved as it meant I could hide in the crowd and photograph everyone having fun. What stuck out in particular was the dance off between Lisa and Ste's son, who thinking about it I should probably take some dance lessons off. I've always wanted to be able to do the worm dance (watch this space!).

I knew Lisa was desperate to receive the photos so I tried to get them to her as quick as possible. Roughly a month after sending the parcel, I received this message that put a huge smile on my face;

"Just have to let you know how many compliments the photos have received so far. Friends and family love the natural style of the photos and how you captured the warmth and joy of all the guests. Thanks again."        


~ Lisa

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