​This is one of my favourite photos (I have so many more!) from Ellie & Pete's wedding - you can instantly recognise the location can't you?


I was so excited ​to be shooting Ellie + Pete's wedding, especially as it was going to be at my favourite UK seaside location, Norfolk! 


My Sister (and wonderful assistant on the day) and I drove from Leicester through the Norfolk countryside and thick fog wondering (mainly wishing) if the weather would clear like the forecast said it would. Time went on and I didnt think it was ever going to go away UNTIL, low and behold as soon as Ellie stepped out the car at the church for the service, the fog and cloud cleared and the sun shone with pure blue skies. It was a miracle!


Not only did Pete look extremely smart, but as predicted Ellie looked like an absolute princess and wore a stylish, elegant dress with a beautiful ornate crown to finish the outfit. ​They were both a pleasure to photograph and I was desperate to get stuck into editing the photos as soon as I got back home (at 2am still buzzing from the day!).


​The day went so well and I loved every minute of it. We really enjoyed being surrounded by so many of Pete & Ellie's lovely family and friends in such a beautiful setting.  


When I sent Ellie & Pete a preview of the photos, I had this reply which nearly made me cry - I was so happy they liked the photos! 


'Oh Liz!!! You're so clever! I've welled up looking through the photos they're all stunning! Thank you so much xxxx'


Big thank you to my Sister Emble                                        for helping me on the day! x


Here are some more of my favourites from the day...

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