When Emily emailed me, I literally jumped out of my chair! To receive an email with two amazing venues (The Asylum in Peckham and Brixton East 1871), I was pretty ecstatic and replied to Emily's email faster than my fingers could type. In particular, the Asylum which is the most incredible venue and on most photographer's bucket list of venues. It was certainly on the top of mine so I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph a wedding there. 

The wedding 
was extremely relaxed and had a wonderful atmosphere throughout. Even the sun decided to show it's face for majority of the day which meant there was the most incredible lighting inside the building during the ceremony and after for the bride and groom pictures. I have a particular favourite picture of Emily, looking like an angel glowing in the golden light shining through the windows of the Asylum. A beautiful moment which couldn't have been any more perfect.

Emily wore a gorgeous 2-piece dress and in the evening changed into a different top which has now been officially named after her, known as the 'Dimmock' top, pretty cool if you ask me!  You can see it here -

I hope you enjoy scrolling through the pictures, see if you notice Greg photobombing Emily and the girls ;)

Wedding Dress: 




Wedding Stationary:  

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